Dr. Animal getting his Lab ready for action!

Dr. Animal prepares his Laboratory

Yesterday Dr. Animal and his work crew was spotted preparing his laboratory for super duty! Soon Dr. Animal will be working on some of the greatest super gadgets and super hero enhancements known to mankind! Just wait until you see what Dr. Animal comes up with next! But, what could it be–a super shield, a super weapon, a super gadget, a super car, a super truck, a different super vehicle?

Only Dr. Animal knows what will roll out of “The Animal Cage” next! It looks like Disco Girl and Funky Fresh will have to wait to see what Dr. Animal will come up with to help them fight crime, and evil criminals like #Evilicious, #Mantronix and the rest of the evil gang know as codename: #TheLegionOfBoom.

Even Groovy G has to wait to see what’s on deck first!