Groovy G

Originally from Riverdale, Georgia.
Is putting the ultimate super hero team together to successfully fight crime and evil.

Disco Girl

Born in Atlanta, Georgia. Met Kayla her first week in Atlanta and they became instant best friends, like sisters. They make the ultimate team together.

Funky Fresh

Moved to Atlanta for the entertainment industry and the music scene. Met Angel her first week in Atlanta and they became instant best friends.


Powers: Can fly. Bionic Arms, Legs, Wings and Nanites that can travel freely throughout her entire body to repair and/or enhance whatever is necessary.


Originally from Los Angeles, California. Disco Girl and Funky Fresh meet Cali while out in California recruiting additional superheroes for their team at Comic Con.

Dr. Animal

Saving the world has never been so fun.

I want to help!

Meet the ATAliens.

The Mayor of Atlanta enlists a standout at the police academy to lead up a new super crime-fighting team. They get more help than they could ever imagine from Dr. Animal, who happens to be the world’s leading authority in the field of bionics.

Super Heroes

Super Villains



Gold Dome for the Taking

Meet The Legion of Boom.


From New Orleans, Louisiana. The gift of sight through her hands was passed down from her elders, who were a centuries old witch family. She is trying to put the ultimate eveil team together to raise the Sinister Seven Witch Clan.


From Riverdale, Georgia. Turned evil when he was kicked out of college for a prank in the chemistry lab that he did not do. Got very mad at the unfair punishment and vowed revenge on the world.

Dr. Kali

Originally From Indiana, moved to Athens, Georgia when he started to become evil. Creates Weapons for The Evil Team: Swirls for all of the team members, Freeze Ray, Force Field Generator, Lasers, etc.

Atomic Dog

From Planet Poochie, was formally married to Poochie Mama. They had a litter of puppies (The Atomic Dog Pound).

Boogie Boom

From Boogie Town, Ohio. Grew up with his girl LaLa, and they had life plans…Until one day LaLa left Boogie Boom for a Funk Musician.

Sonic Silencer

Has ability to silence with deafening scream. Sonic Smash punches ground and everything flies. Sonic Clap effects waves in sky. Escape Power sonic stomp sinkhole.

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